The Humble: Duck egg

Although the duck egg contains about twice as much cholesterol as a chicken egg (although I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing; research!) they contain twice the nutritional value.

Duck eggs contain:

. 6x vitamin D2 (as compared to a chicken egg)

. 2x vitamin A (as compared to a chicken egg)

. more omega 3 fatty acids

. Protein

. vitamin A

. vitamin E

. viatmin B12

. folate

Duck eggs are also a rare alkaline food source, unlike chicken eggs which are acidic. And an acidic body can create a haven for disease. Always try and buy organic, free range eggs and if you can buy from a local farm shop or a supplier you trust. Not only will they taste richer, but you will have the peace of mind that these eggs are sourced from free roaming birds.

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