Benefits of… YOGA


Yoga is a wonderful way to gently stretch and exercise the body. It releases built up tension and is also a great way to revitalize the mind. It teaches people how to breathe and to recognize and listen to the body. Here are some pointers, either if you wish to start yoga or are progressing on your yoga journey!

  • Always try and practice on a soft, safe surface. Either invest in a special yoga mat or most exercise centres will allow you to temporarily borrow one.


  • Don’t push yourself too hard! Yoga is about subtle, gently stretching movements and if you are in pain or are straining when practicing you are either pushing yourself beyond your current limits or have a form of injury.


  • Join a class! This is the easiest way to gain the benefits of yoga. You will be mixing with like minded people and a qualified yoga instructor will guide you along your yogi journey!


  • Last but not least, enjoy yourself! 🙂
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1 Response to Benefits of… YOGA

  1. Jenny Baird says:

    Yoga is amazing. I started doing it about 2 1/2 years ago. It was the missing element to my life that pulled me through some tuff times and helped balance out my mind, body and soul. I love the stretching that goes along with it and how you feel at peace with yourself and the world after! Yoga rocks!

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