Living for health!

Eggs, purple sprouting broccoli, garam masala
I am going to list five foods to introduce to your diet. Most of these foods are beneficial for general health overall, but please consult with your physician or doctor if you are unsure!

Foods to introduce! (If you haven’t already done so)


Coconut oil is without doubt one of, if not the healthiest oils you can use. Coconut oil contains naturally occurring saturated fat and actually promotes weight loss! It is great for promoting heart health and will give you an abundance of energy! You can use it to fry, as spreads and you can even eat it on its own!


If you have any degree of dairy or lactose intolerance I would recommend using almond milk! You can find this at most health food stores and most supermarkets also now stock this in one of their ambient milk aisles! You can use this in teas, cereals or for cooking and baking. Almond contains far less fat than animal milk(s) and has the natural benefit of plant proteins found in almonds.


Avocado has so many health benefits that I could not possible list them all here! They are actually not a vegetable but a type of fruit. They are an excellent source of amino acids and they also contain a great source of protein. They also contain both omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, 18 amino acids and also include vitamins B-complex, A, C, E and K. So get eating!!!


Organic eggs are a great source of natural protein and contain over 11 essential vitamins and minerals including selenium, folate, iron and vitamin D. Always try and buy organic, free range eggs as these contain far more of the nutrients mentioned than intensively farmed eggs.


Broccoli is a great, natural way to get some much needed fibre into the body and they are also high in vitamin C which is great for the immune system. Steamed or even roasted, this little vegetable packs one hell of a punch!

Adding or introducing all these wonderful foods to your diet will really improve your general health! If you have any autoimmune diseases or are just feeling run down, don’t worry! Healing takes time, especially if you have lived an unhealthy lifestyle for a period of time, so don’t get complacent if things don’t always go smoothly! If don’t allow yourself to deviate too far from nature then you can’t go far wrong!

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  1. HotDish says:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I was just looking through yours. What great timing. I am currently in the middle of a juice fast, and am going to try out your three favourite juices this week. 🙂

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